The New Office Bearers for the Year 2014

Dear Members,

Let me wish you all a very happy UGADI.

Last Year had been a very fruitful year. The 61st Annual Conference held at Guwahati was conducted very well by ISA Assam & Guwahati Branches under the Organising Secretary Dr Rajib Kumar Bhattacharyya.

The New Office Bearers for the Year 2014 elected are:

PRESIDENT                  -       Dr S S C Chakra Rao

VICE PRESIDENT        -       Dr V Kuchela Babu

PRESIDENT ELECT     -       Dr S S Harsoor

GC MEMBER NZ -       Dr Sunil Katyal

GC MEMBER SZ  -       Dr C Radha Kishen Rao

GC MEMBER SZ  -       Dr Gangadhar S B

GC MEMBER EZ  -       Dr Arabinda Ray

GC MEMBER WZ -       Dr. Sameer laxman Pradhan

GC Member CZ     -       Dr Virendra Sharma

And have taken office on 29th December 2013.

I personally thanks Brig T Prabkar, Dr Deepak Malviya, Dr Nibedita Pani, Dr J P Sharma, Dr V K

Gupta, Dr P K Singh for their contribution to the ISA during the last year.

I solicit your suggestions for the upgrading of the website.



Long live ISA

Dr M V Bhimeswar

Hon.Secretary – ISA National 

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