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               It is a special honour and privilege which all of you have bestowed on me to begin my term as the President of the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists. Our predecessors deserve an enormous thank from all of us for guiding the society so ably and making us proud in the realm of scientific milieu of not only India but all over the world. Our outgoing president Dr. Anjan Datta deserves special kudos from all of us who kept us abreast with his distinctive News letters and untiring efforts in the pursuit of the betterment of the society. Luckily, for all of us Anjan will continue to serve as an officer of the society in the role of past President. I am especially benefitted that I will be able to rely on his erudite counsel during my term.

        Before assuming this post I was President of different Cities, states and a zone apart from being a GC member and am familiar with ISA activities and achievements over a period of years. My decisions are instantaneous and implementations will be time bound. The 365 days clock has already started clicking.

        Just because the ISA is doing well, doesn’t mean that we can not do even better. One of my top goals is to address the needs of our youngest members and fulfil my election promises in addition to my predecessor’s unfinished agenda.

      Why should you be an ISA member and support this Society? ISA is devoted to promoting the discipline of Anaesthesiology and critical care. This means using all of our resources to expand and improve scientific training and mentorship at all levels, to provide venues for our members to share the findings – whether in person, print or online and establish important contacts to facilitate scientific exchange and collaborations. ISA can help in bringing us together to make our Science better and to keep it collegial in the true Merriam webster’s Dictionary’s sense of that word “marked by camaraderie among colleagues.”So thank you for your continued support and please don’t hesitate to let me know –your innovative ideas – which will make our society even better.

Dr.(Brig.) T.Prabhakar, VSM

 Long live ISA